Who can participate

Youth aged 18 – 35 from different walks of life. The SOMAFCO Trust program and prizes cater mostly to South African youth who are identified through different competitions which focus mainly on essay writing.



On special occasions, as is expected for the 20th year of democracy in South Africa and Tanzania‘s Golden Jubilee (50 years of the Union), the SOMAFCO Trust makes special provisions as part of highlighting such milestones. It is critical that the exception is in line with the actual focus of the program.


Ok, I am in!
How can I participate?

You can participate by either //

Entering any of the different phases of the O.R Tambo Uhuru Africa Initiative competitions ( Essay Writing Competition, Facebook Competition and or Youtube Competition). These are announced on the SOMAFCO Trust website, a newpaper, Facebook and twitter pages.

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The main prize is the unique 10 day Educational Tour. Winners will from different phases and types of competition.

Essay Writing Competition

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The essay writing competition is the main part of the O.R Tambo Edu Tour competition, and the winners are predominantly identified this way. The request usually consists of a maximum 2500 words and the topics are usually focused on either: youth development, regional integration or history. Judging is done by carefully invited, credible and independent adjudicators. Calls for entries are undertaken through print media, radio, social media and Television. Winners are also announced through these platforms.



How can our organization participate or Support?

There are four options we have identified for corporates and organizations. These are //



Organizations seeking to achieve corporate social responsibility can follow the example of the Department of Social Development and the National Heritage Council, who selected their candidates and fully funded their participation in the O.R Tambo Edu Tour.



Provide funding for a certain number of individuals but leave the decision of how the participants are identified to the SOMAFCO Trust. Typically, the SOMAFCO Trust will add the contribution to the pool of participants who are identified publicly through either the facebook competition or the essay writing competition. We will acknowledge the contribution on all our platforms. The SOMAFCO Trust can also tailor the program and give the sponsor the exclusive focus, i.e a specific sponsor orientated competition can be run on behalf of the sponsor.

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Sponsor some of the promotional and other cost items for the SOMAFCO Trust.

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Provide resources that the SOMAFCO Trust can donate to the Chief Albert Luthuli Primary School in Tanzania or items that can be given to winners of the tour.

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If you have an idea or suggestion, you can contact us on somafcox@somafcox.org.za with your idea or suggestion.

Individuals are welcomed to participate as adjudicators. You will be required to send your C.V to somafcox@somafcox.org.za

As an individual I am interested in sponsoring a ticket or getting a person to join the group and become part of the experience, what do I do? Contact the SOMAFCO Trust on somafcox@somafcox.org.za